Ski Club Hits the Slopes


Zoe Peterson(‘23) and Avianna Meder(‘23) at Alpine Valley. Photo Credit: Zoe Peterson

This year, Ski&Snowboard Club was back with another amazing year of skiing at Alpine Valley Resort. With the promise of buses this year through the effort of Mrs. Heyden and the exec board, Ski Club has seen a dramatic rise in attendance since Covid, when buses weren’t available, thus disincentivizing those without the means of transportation. If this rise in attendance continues, Ski Club may once again place itself among the most popular clubs at BC. The skiing season officially began in December, though unfortunately, they had to cancel their first trip and didn’t have it until January.

Per usual, Ski Club had five trips this year. Through personal experience, I’ve found that the weather on each trip was adequate for a fun experience of skiing, however, there was one uncomfortably chilly trip. I’m a bit surprised that that trip wasn’t canceled.

One major change this skiing season is that the optional trip on a day off from school was changed from Cascade Mountain to Devil’s Head Resort, due to the increased cost of skiing and the long drive. Cascade Mountain has been an optional trip since I first joined Ski Club in 6th grade; it’s nice to see a change. In my opinion, Cascade is still a slightly better resort than Devil’s Head, though the significantly shorter distance to Devil’s head from WHMS makes the latter a better option. Unfortunately, we still have to wait at WHMS with the middle schoolers for the optional trip; not much can be done about that.

As Ski Club had its last official trip in February, it ended another year on a good note. Though I’m saddened this was my last year in Ski Club, I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to ski with friends and have fun during the school year. I encourage all with any interest in skiing or snowboarding, with any skill level, to join Ski Club next year for another fun time on the slopes!