Wandrey Faces New Challenge as Boys Head Coach

After 16 years of coaching girls’ basketball, Dan Wandrey has decided to fill the position as the boys’ basketball coach after the former coach Mark Adams retired in March.  Adams had led a successful program over the course of his 14 seasons, as his team finished with six state tournament appearances and a total of 242 wins.

When asked about what intrigued him most about coaching the boys, Wandrey responded, “I think the challenge of something new is the most intriguing.  It is definitely something that will force me outside of my comfort level, to say the least.”

He also acknowledges that regardless, basketball is basketball.  It is just that now there is a new twist-not for the better or worse, just new.

Wandrey also comments, “Coach Adams has built an outstanding program steeped in tradition.  Having the opportunity to continue that legacy and add to the tradition is part of the challenge I am looking forward to.”

What Coach Dan Wandrey humbly omits is the legacy that he has left on the girls’ program.   Over the course of his career he has accumulated a 226-142 record, with five conference championships, four of them being consecutive wins from 2008-2011, and has qualified for Division 1 WIAA State twice.

According to Wandrey, qualifying for WIAA State in 2008 is one of his fondest memories, as it was the first time girls’ basketball had qualified since 1985. He also had the opportunity to coach his daughter, Lindsey, in the early 2000s, a pleasure high school coaches seldom have.

It has been made clear that over the course of 16 years, Coach Wandrey not only loves the sport of basketball, but loves coaching the talented and dedicated girls that walk onto his court. Multiple players remarked that Wandrey’s passion is contagious and that he undoubtedly cares for them both on and off the court.

Because of his compassion and devotion, it was difficult for Wandrey tell his players the decision he had made.  “The announcement was emotional for everyone involved,” he recalls.

The girls’ basketball team will not be able to get rid of Coach Wandrey too easily, though. “It’s nice that I’m not going to another school, or another building,” He stated. “I’ll be here to support them in any way necessary.  BCHS girls’ basketball will always be a huge part of my life.”