Team of par-fection: Girls Golf primed to break records


Submitted by Erin Rosencrantz

Left to right: CJ Romero (‘21), Erin Rosencrantz (‘21), Sarah Balding (‘22), and Sami Krutz (‘20). The girls are celebrating their win at the URidge invite, holding up a trophy and individual medals.

Jahnavi Hansaria, Features Editor

What does the end of summer break mean for Lancers? For some, it’s the traditional beginning of school, reuniting with friends, floods of homework, and so much more. However, for varsity players Sami Krutz (‘20), CJ Romero (‘21), Kyley Wipper (‘21), Erin Rosencrantz (‘21), and Sarah Balding (‘22), the fall season holds considerably more importance; it marks the beginning of golf season, a chance for these incredible athletes to show off their amazing capabilities.

Most recently, on September 4, the team took first place against schools such as DSHA and Wauwatosa West, with an overall score of 150 at a GMC Mini meet. Golf is a bit atypical in its scoring, however, as while most sports reward the highest scorer, golfers hope to earn the lowest total as possible. Indeed, a player’s score is determined by the number of shots taken to hit the ball in the hole. Each golf course has a specific number, known as “par,” that represents the ideal score on that course for an able golfer. Therefore, players aim for a score below par when golfing in tournaments.

Scoring for team competitions, such as the GMS Mini, meet is quite easy, as “there are five players and you take the four best [lowest] scores,” Balding explains.“Then you add these scores up for your team score.” When one understands the scoring system in golf, they can truly appreciate how these golfers’ talent. Rosencrantz’s personal highlight of their season displays this consensus.

“The second day of the BCHS tournament in August, our top four scores were all in the 70’s. We also beat the record for lowest team score in school history, shooting a 297.” These golfers are truly remarkable, and some of the best our school has ever seen. But what is their secret to behind their unrestrained success? Rosencrantz explains, “The best part of our team is our chemistry, we always know how to have fun and it definitely makes us connect better as a team.” The other golfers agreed wholeheartedly, all expressing a huge amount of appreciation and respect for their team members. With the amazing sense of teamwork and skill the lady golfers obtain, Brookfield Central cannot wait to see what new records they break and make this upcoming season.