Ellery Prusko: multi-sport athlete explored


–Fun Facts– Favorite color: blue Favorite food: ice cream Favorite holiday: Christmas Has a brother and a sister Violin: since first grade

Brookfield Central is full of talented student athletes who participate in a variety of activities; l; however, only a few of these stellar athletes decide to play two sports back to back. One of these athletes is, senior, Ellery Prusko. Prusko is involved in both girls varsity basketball and soccer, and has been involved in both programs all four years of high school.

What got you into soccer?
My dad got me into soccer when I was in 4k. He coached my team for a few years and once I had started playing for a few years I realized it was a sport that I really enjoyed playing and wanted to stick with. I played club soccer for awhile and then decided to stop once high school soccer started.

What got you into basketball?
My dad also got me into basketball but not until I was in 1st grade. I vividly recall playing Upward Basketball at elmbrook church and playing HORSE in the driveway with my family. However, it wasn’t until 5th or 6th grade where I really started to get into the sport. I played on the SJV team and on the Jr. Lancer team, so most of my middle school winter week nights consisted of going from one practice to another.

Why do you enjoy soccer?
I enjoy soccer because of the team aspect and how it really emphasizes communication and working together. I also love my position of center back, especially since I get to tackle girls on breakaways.

Why do you enjoy basketball?
I like basketball because of how fast paced the game is and the style of defending. With soccer I am normally defending just an area on the field and have help from 10 other girls, but with basketball the defending is more personal because im matched up with one other opponent. I also like its a smaller team because then you really get to know your teammates and how they play on the court.

What has been a highlight of soccer?
A highlight in soccer was beating Germantown last year, I think it was our best game collectively as a team.

What has been a highlight of basketball?
Beating Prebble last year to win regionals was definitely my favorite game I’ve been apart of. We were not favored to win at all, but ended up playing extremely well and winning by about 15.

What are your hopes for you last seasons?
For both seasons the goal is to go as far as possible. For soccer I know my team is determined to win another state championship. As for basketball, it would be amazing if we could make it to the semi finals this year and possibly even state. It hasn’t been done in awhile for BCGB so I’m hoping this is the year.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing or practicing?
When I’m not playing basketball or soccer, I like to hang out with family and friends because I hardly ever see them during the season.

What else are you involved in?
Through school, I am also involved in Student Council, DECA, Spanish Honor Society, NHS, Key Club, and orchestra.